Get Personal With HydroGraphix

Get Personal With HydroGraphix

A customized look is longer-lasting and easier that ever with HydroGraphix. You can make old stuff look new again. You can personalize your ride without investing a fortune.

It is amazing how it transforms fenders, motorcycle gas tanks, rims, guns, bows and more. The secret is in the science.

Water Transfer Printing

Water Transfer Printing (WTP), or Hydrographics, is a process where a pre-printed paint pattern (say that three times fast) is applied to whatever you desire by floating the pattern on water and passing (dipping) your item through the paint pattern, creating a permanent bond. Your items are then rinsed and cleaned and, when dry, automotive clear coats are applied.

Learn About The Process

The whole process progresses like this:

  • First: Your items are degreased and the surfaces prepped. Depending on the item, this may include flame treating, sanding, grinding and/or sandblasting.
  • Second: Adhesion promoter, paint primer and basecoat color are applied.
  • Third: This is the dipping step where the actual pattern is applied to your items.
  • Fourth: Rinse and dry.
  • Fifth: Automotive quality clear coats are applied.
  • Sixth: Cutting, buffing and polishing.

Find Your Style in Eagle, Idaho

With over 1,500 off-the-shelf patterns available, the possibilities are endless for you. Categories include carbon fiber, skulls, flames, metals, woods, camouflage and more! You may already know what you want, but if you don’t, we’ll develop ideas together until you find the right one. Let us do a mock-up of the look you want. We can even do a HydroGraphix demonstration.

Contact Us

Feel free to call us at 208-850-2473. Our Eagle, Idaho shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.